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Relieve stress, and restore function.

Enjoy Sheila's unique comprehensive

body alignment balancing with soft tissue trigger point release, spinal re-alignment combining western science with eastern wisdom working with spine reflex, and

the elemental lines of vital life force. 

An enjoyable, while enhancing body function, with this comprehensive blend

of Sheila's professional trainings with:

Dr. Victor Frank, Dr. Randolph Stone,

Dr. John Upledger and Bonnie Prudden., 

along with over 30 yrs. of working in the natural family wellness field of health.


Activate the innate intelligence within  

to restore body form and function.


A custom blend of therapeutic modalities 

for restoring the bio-electric connectivity,

to release free flow of vital life forces. 

Sheila's Advanced Training Includes: ​

 ~ Board Certified Polarity Therapy ~

Usui Reiki Master ~ Advanced RYSE Practitioner ~ Certified Yuen Energetics ~

Cranio-Sacral Therapy  and Joy Gardner's Vibrational Medicine Therapies with

Crystals, Stones, Color & Light,

for Full Chakra & Energy System Balance.


"Total Body Modification", is the 

 original form of functional kinesiology,

many now base their methods on.


Sheila was honored to train with it's visionary founder, Victor L. Frank, D.C., N.M.D.,

D.O., D.I.B.A.K,  for over 25yrs, has over 1,000 certified hours of training, as well as being chosen one of  12 Charter Instructors.


Using specific body points, Sheila is able to test/correct for "brown-outs" found during evaluations, your bio-electrical  system is reconnected at the cellular level.

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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION at home with Sheila's Small Batch Self Care Products 2021 ~ 2022

Soul Journey Aura Sprays; Foot Spine Essential Oil Roll-Ons; Harmonizing Flower Essence Blends;

Natural Deodorizing Room Spray; and "SOL" Water to Cultivate Your Magnetism for LIFE!

Available @ "TrueEssenceFrequency.com"




Drawn to Mother Nature's "innate creative intelligence" early, Sheila began her natural healing studies in 1982.  For two decades, she gathered multi-leveled disciplines with ancient wisdoms, now surfacing as functional medicine.  Sheila began as a Clinical Chiropractic Ass't to Chiropractor/Diplomate Internal Medicine


She then finished extensive studies with an original form of Functional Medicine, with the visionary founder of Total Body Modification "Doc" Frank.  Sheila has over 1,000 hours clinical education to support physiological functions. "Doc" Victor Frank, DC, ND, LAc, created T.B.M. developed this unique form of therapy in 1976, to support the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself from within.  In 2004, “Doc” Sheila was the N.E. Charter Instructor for non-doctorate level course she assisted in the creation of with Doc Frank~  She continues to mentor others interested.


Sheila expanded her studies with studies and achieved Board Certification in the blended of East meets West from pioneer Randolph Stone, DC, DO, ND  This beautiful soul also was a student, and author of, Christian Mysticism. 

Since 1994, Sheila used her professional understanding of body, mind, spirt and being, by forming her longtime friendship with her mentor, Jerry Thomas of Stillpoint Retreats.  Jerry is a retired Carmelite Monk who loves to cultivate in his students, the art of surrendering to the Inner Silence.  Along with his extensive studies in Christian Mysticism, Jerry also holds degrees in Physics and Psychology.  

Sheila's honoring of the Sacred Space within us all, is held Consciously in her lifestyle, home and private practice office to assist others in cultivating their own sense of Inner Peace, Wisdom & Joy during outer mercurial times.       

May you access your Unique "True Essence" and find Blessings on "Your" Journey ~

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  • Cultivating Inner Peace
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing
    We often gather energetic debris in daily life. Learn a simple method to cleanse, harmonize and vitalize the inner lifeforces to invite peace from within.
  • Self-Care Restoration
    Self-Care Restoration
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Online
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Online
    This workshop provides simple effective reflex points to stimulate for your increased vitality, and body/mind/emotion balance. Great method for all to learn. $35
  • Inner Sacred Journey
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Online
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Online
    Enjoy a guided journey through subtle energy systems to restore balance in your chakras, aura and the polarities of life force flowing within. Increase your ability to respond effectively to daily life moments.


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