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Gently relieves tension, and restores

function. Enjoy a unique combination of trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, and eastern tridoshia balance.

Comprehensive care to relieve pain, and enhance spinal nerve health. 

This gentle alignment work is a blend of therapies based on work by: 

Bonnie Prudden; Dr. Victor Frank,

Dr. John Upledger; Dr. Randolph Stone

and Dr. Jennifer Lamonica

All alignment bodywork done fully 

clothed, without oils and perfect

for all ages and stages.



Access your body's innate wisdom for healing, and restore the free flow of vital life forces. Enjoy deep rest in

customized energy balancing. 

 ~ Polarity Therapy ~ Usui Reiki ~ 

~ Cranio-Sacral Therapy ~

~ RYSE & Crystal Chakra Balancing ~

~ Yuen Energetics ~

~ Light, Sound, & Color Therapies ~ 


Keep your vibrations up at home with 

specialized energy medicines from ...

"True Essence Frequency" Products:

     Flower Essence Blends 

     Aura & Shower Spritzers 

     Essential Oil Blends


"Total Body Modification", is an

 original form of functional kinesiology, that is uniquely able to restore body function to organs,glands and systems. 


Specifically designed points will be 

tested for "brown outs" in your body's 

bio-electrical system, Power is restored through non-invasive gentle stimulation

of neural pathways.


T.B.M.'s food plan, for stabilizing proper

bio-chemistry, will often lessen the need

for external supplementation.

When further support is needed, options

for best bio-availability will

be discussed and tested for use.


About Sheila Thomson, BCPP, TBMP


Drawn to Mother Nature's "innate creative intelligence" early, Sheila began

her natural healing studies in 1982.  For two decades, she gathered multi-leveled

disciplines with ancient wisdoms, now surfacing as functional medicine.   


The professional foundation of her private practice was developed with her mentor Peter Kfoury, DC, DABCI, a Chiropractic Internist.   As a clinical assistant protege of this integrative wellness doctor, Sheila had several interdisciplinary tools of of natural medicine to build on.


The first layer was the doctorate level study of an original, and globally effective, form of Functional Kinesiology, with the visionary founder of Total Body Modification.  Sheila has over 1,000 hours clinical education of this method to support the physiological function of the body's organs, glands, bio-chemistry and overall body systems.  Victor Frank, DC, ND, LAc, created T.B.M. in 1976, to support the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself from within.  In 2004, “Doc” Frank appointed Sheila a N.E. Charter Instructor for a non-doctorate level course she assisted in the creation of.  Sheila continues to mentor others interested in T.B.M..


Sheila achieved her Board Certification in Polarity Therapy created by Randolph Stone, DC, DO, ND with the founders of the highly respected Polarity Realization Institute (now Spa Tech), Nancy Risley and Kris Stecker.  This comprehensive therapy is a beautiful blend of East meets West.  Another beautiful blend of mid twentieth century visionary therapies created by Dr. Randolph Stone. Dr. Stone held degrees in chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy and mysticism.


Following her passionate draw to the energies of ancient healing wisdoms, one day Sheila realized her professional journey had come full circle by these gathering tools that all spoke of the same "innate Wisdom" held within each cell of our body. and governed by the state of healthy flow emanating from an aligned and open channeled flow of life force through the spine.


In 2008, Sheila became a RYSE Educator with creator Nancy Risley, BCPP, RPE., and also holds professional certificates/training  in: Usui Reiki Master; Trigger Point Therapy; Cranio-Sacral Therapy; EFT/Tapping;Yuen Energetics; Homeopathy; Flower Essences; Acutonics: Chromatherapy; Magnified Healing; Abraham; Reconnective Healing; Laurie Grant ARCH & Ho'OponoPono Huna Healing; and Drunvalo Melchezidek's Flower of Life.  

She counts the following teachers among her most influential in the proper

applications of subtle energy medicine ... Dr. Jennifer Lamonica, DC, ND, LAc, doctor/teacher/author of The Art & Science of Face Reading,  Anodea Judith,

healer/teacher/author; and Joy Gardner healer/teacher/author of 

Vibrational Healing (Light/Color/Stones)


Currently, Sheila builds on these educational achievements, as well as her 

relationship with mentor of Christian Mysticism, and Contemplative Meditation, Jerry Thomas, PhD of Stillpoint Retreats, since 1994.

Jerry Thomas is an author, teacher, and retired Carmelite Monk, who holds

degrees in Physics and Jungian Psychology.  

It is this Sacred Space frequency that Sheila replicates in her lifestyle, home

and in her office for private, semi-private and all Sacred Space Healing events, assisting others in cultivating their own Inner Peace, Wisdom & Joy.


May you all access your unique "True Essence" ~ 


Blessings on Your Journey ~ 





  • Self-Care Restoration
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing, 19 Central St, Byfield, MA 01922
    This workshop provides simple effective reflex points to stimulate for your increased vitality, and body/mind/emotion balance. Great method for all to learn. $35
  • A Relaxed Guided Journey
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing, 19 Central St, Byfield, MA 01922
    Enjoy a guided journey through subtle energy systems to restore balance in your chakras, aura and the polarities of life force flowing within. Increase your ability to respond effectively to daily life moments.
  • Polarity & Chakra Balance
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing
    Time is TBD
    True Essence Healing, 19 Central St, Newbury, MA 01922, USA
    Enjoy deep restoration, relaxing in semi-private Consciously created space. Receive hands on healing blend of Polarity Therapy, Ayurvedic Element Balancing & Crystal Chakra Vitalizing. Access your own Inner Temple.


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