In my early days of integrative medicine, I was fortunate to work as a Clinical Ass't to an innovative Chiropractor, who earned a degree in Internal Medicine, to become the general practitioner we all came to depend on. 

When Dr. Peter W. Kfoury relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, I advanced my integrative skills studying the doctorate level course of Functional Kinesiology known as "Total Body Modification" (T.B.M.) with its founder Victor Frank, N.D., D.C., LAc., who understood that I was as passionate as he was to get this work to the people who need it. 

I collaborated with him to create a non-doctorate level course, and chosen one of  12 Charter Instructors worldwide.  "Doc" and I knew the vital role energy medicine would play in our evolving world.  I enjoy mentoring others in these uniquely effective methods of boosting body function, by offering both 5hr Intro & 16hr Certification Level trainings, with following support to hone skill sets for use, and more with APTA CEU's. 
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This level of work, introduced me to my favorite healer/teacher/mentor/friend, Jennifer Lamonica, DC, ND, LAc, expand creative energy methods with TBM, for true healing mastery.  In the latter part of the 20th century, I became personally involved with many true miracles, and  soared with inspiration with the joy of using alchemy for transforming the broken body systems.  

Finding The Polarity Realization Institute in 1989 (now Spa Tech), created a "bridge" between my chiropractic/kinesiology clinial foundation, to my now evolutionary energetic awareness.  Studying with the founders Nancy Risley and Kris Stecker. brought an ongoing expanding Awareness of holographic blueprints within our energy systems wating to sparked into action ... Nancy's original method of RYSE, gives us each the tools to recalibrate moment to moment to access vital life force always in abundant availability.  Their esoteric approach to Poalrity Therapy, created by Randolph Stone, DC, DO, ND, (also a Mystic) was exactly what I needed to balance my western clinical approach and enter the esote with eastern wisdom. ....
The sky opened for me moving forward....and I achieved RPP in '92, became R.Y.S.E. Practitioner/Educator in '04 and
both Board Certified and Intro Level Instructor of Polarity Therapy in 2014. 

Being on fire with passion during the 80's and 90's , found me absorbing all things vibrational healing "yesterday", I couldn't get enough. Fortunate to live in the Boston area, I was regularly able to learn from big names coming to town!  Well on my way to a viable wellness practice, despite the prejudices I frequently ran into along the way, I  opened True Essence Healing in 1987.
I continued to regularly attend all events by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Carolyn Myse, Drunvelo Melchezidek, Abraham, Kryon, and others now making return debuts in a long awaited 21st century ...
More truly amazing times of Shifting ahead! 

A young woman on a joy filled personal/professional journey, I received my Master Level Teacher Usui Reiki training from an angel on earth named Carolyn, and my Certification in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, with both the Upledgeer Institute, and
Franklyn Sills, DO, RPP, who authored "The Polarity Process",  

With Lori Grant, I was schooled in the art of ARCH Huna Healing, and studied with the wonders of flower medicine with Master Flower Essence Practitioner/Educator David Dalton of Delta Gardens.  My vibrational medicine tools further expanded studying with Joy Gardener,  author of "Vibrational Medicine",, and a wonderfully passionatet user friendly teacher on the use of  Color, Crystals, Stones, and Light Therapy. During this periof of time, I added the use of Acutonic Therapy with Susan Stone.  My work with emotional stress upon body function involved training in the original Callahan Tapping Technique, then EFT with Alex Craig, and eventually to its current form of The Tapping Solutiona with Nick & Jessica Ortner.  

A personal deepening of Inner Silence, allows me to merge my humanity with my Divinity, to more easily navigate the static occuring in our outer reality, and quickly evolving times as energetic beings awakening in this cosmic dream.. My Spriirtual mentor since '94 is  Jerry Thomas, PhD,, Contemplative Mystic/Author/Vedic Astologer, and founder of Stillpoint Retreats.

In my uniquely created wellness practice, clients receive the therapies most appropriate for their personal wellness goals, and are provided with information they may seek when available. along with attending events offered to assist their self-care process. 

It has been such an amaaing journey to this day, and I feel truly honored to have Journeyed with so many families along the way. The amazing receptiviity to full expression of their life force, has been more fun that words could express adequately. 

Together, we have learned to "nurture the root of all life",  for Inner Peace, Wisdom & Joy,  When chosen to assist the deepening of your Inner Silence, I feel Honored, Blessed and Grateful ~  Namaste ~ Sheila