In my 20's, I learned so much working alongside an integrative wellness doctor,
who used many disciplines for each patient to achieve a healthy balanced life. 
Dr. Peter Kfoury, of Lexington, MA educated his staff in his modalities, along with
bringing us to attend professional level courses. This was an invaluable apprrenticeship
into visionary education that is just now coming to light in our culture.

I was honored to be tutored by the founder of Total Body Modification, an original functioanl kinesiology methoud founded in 1976 by Victor Frank, DC., ND, LAc, and eaerned over 1,000 hours in this incredible therapy that is now used effectively around the world by other intergraive doctors and practitioners. 

Once "Doc" understood the scope of his work went beyond the medical field, and was more suited to those of us in energy based therapy fields, at my prompting he created "Environmental Stress Management" and chose me as one of 12 Charter Instructors Worldwide.  I now teach this work as "Points for LIfe" to ensure its this visionary work survives in our ever changiing culture.

Over the past 4 decades, I became 
a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, RYSE Practitioner~Educator, and Certificatied in Upledger & Frankly Sills Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Author of The Polarity Process), along with Joy Gardner's Vibraional Medicine with Light, Color & Stone Therapies, E.F.T./Tapping, Yuen Energetics, Magnified Healing, Ho'Oponopono, Huna Healing & More.

I trained in the use of Flower Essences with David Dalton of Delta Gardens, and the Flower Essence Society of Nevada. 
As a Young Living Essential Oils distributor, I offer both ready made, and customized. blends for your energy system wellness.

The use of Destiny Cards, is another delightful way to share insights into your very soul essence, and human nature this lifetime.

My passion to know the vibrations of life enhancement in the 80's and 90's, found me studyng everything to expand my skill set, and Awareness  ... Luckily many Masters came to the Boston area at that time, and I learned to apply the wisdom of Louise Hay,  Bernie Siegel, Course in Miracles, Charles & Myrtle Filmore's "Unity School of Christianity". 

I had so much fun delving into Dr. Alan Wolfe's Quantum Physics, and Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment (on NYC billboards in 90's). I experimented with the effects of Prayer, Hidden Codes and Rituals on our cells with Gregg Braden, and found my absolut Love for the Sacred Geometry found in All LIFE.  The multi-dimensional wisdom of Drunvelo Melchezidek, and Law of Attraction with Abraham, and messages from Kryon were all here for me to entrain with for over a decade. So many now known globally lit the fires of my passion to think outside the box, and now allow me to incorporate these Wisdoms in my work.  

I found Mysticism in 1994, and became a Contemplative Mystic under the tutelage of Jerry Thomas, PhD of
Stillpoint Retreats (operating to date), learning the arts of Contemplative Meditation, Practicing the Presence, and infusing the Feminine Paradigm in this current Big Shift from Patriarchal to Matriarchal Paradigm we feel so strongly today. With immersed in the coherent frequency of Sanskrit Chants, Mantras & use of Yantras, we shared the Teachings of Yogananda, Anandamayi Ma, Patanjali, Amma, Saint Francis, Padre Pio, and many other Mystics, Saints and Sages from East and West.

It is now my honor & pleasure, to assist others along this Mystic Path ~ Deepeing their Inner Stillness for increased Peace, Wisdom and Joy with stable foundations to meet tides of change in our outer lives as householders vs cloistered monastics.   

TI am a Young Living Oil Distributor, and offer both forms of custom blend frequency medicines. Recently, I have enjoyed using Destiny Cards to help others understand an overview of their personal nature, and soul essence.  

May you all find your own precious moments of passion as you learn to nurture the root of all life.  When chosen to assist,
I AM Honored & Feel Blessed ~ Namaste ~ Sheila