Message from Sheila ~ 

We human beings, are far more than our bodies, emotions or talents.  We have an intricate energy anatomy, an inner world wide web, that governs our life experience on multiple levels.  In the west, we focus on the outer appearances, while in the east base much of life is based on ancient wisdoms that bring balance to life.  Raising the vibration of our energy anatomy, allow us to experience highere state of pleasant life balance, and increased vitality.  Join our community, and enjoy feeling the difference it makes to enhance your "True Essence" ~

Client ~ Student Testimonies ~

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Nutrition, I know the importance of a “balanced energy and nervous system” for aa healthy mind and body. I have been blessed for years to receive many wonderful sessions with Sheila Thomson. Although trained as an advanced practitioner of T.B.M., Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and Educator, Sheila would best be described as “Healer”. During treatments, Sheila restores the body’s subtle energy circuits, enhancing the flow of vital life forces. Sheila not only restores the body, she also brings overall balance to mental and emotional levels of life. Her unique work, epitomizes Sheila’s archetypal nature of “true healer.” ~ Jennifer Lamonica, DC, LAc, ND 

The only ‘Doc’ I need.  Sheila is one of my Healers, as well as my Guru’s Healer. Each session aligns, and balances, me. She has given me the access to my own Divine Transformation.  As a Conscious Lightworker and Master Healer, Sheila provides the Sacred Space for me to find my Inner Light.  During our last session, I experienced ions worth of deep release. She also just created her sister complany "True Essence Frequency" offering high vibrational medicines, and Sacred Art.  A lifelong project fufilled.
Erica Marsh ~ Reiki Master Shaman

I’ve been seeing Sheila since 2005 with wonderful results. 
 Sheila is really amazing. She has helped me significantly with physical and emotional challenges. In light of our society’s belief in allopathic medicine, what Sheila does seems miraculous, yet once understood, makes perfect sense. I have grown immensely on many levels with her help. Sheila’s wise words encourage me, and bring solace, every time. She has tremendous gifts to share with you. I highly encourage you to experience her work for yourself.
- Sharon O’Connor, RN, LHPT Blue Cross Blue Shield, Boston, MA

Sheila is a gifted healer with the ability to integrate a vast body of knowledge into an outcomes based therapy session. She is tuned in to the subtle needs of her clients and makes significant healing a simple and peaceful experience. Her intelligence and intention are very strong and form the basis of the excellent results she achieves.  
- Kris Stecker CEO, COO and President at Spa Tech Institute

I started seeing Sheila while pregnant with my second son. I saw her as needed for quite a while, but while going through a major life change, I increased my visits to remain as balanced as possible. Her amazing work helped me survive and thrive an extremely difficult time. Her technical ability, combined with her empathy and intuition, stand her head and shoulders above the rest.” 
- Kendra H., Marketing Executive

Sheila is my personal hero!  When I first met her two years ago I was struggling with up to five anxiety attacks a day. As a busy entrepreneur opening my business I was completely overwhelmed with all of the negativity, stress and challenges I was facing on a daily basis. I began with just a simple introduction and quickly became a weekly client. I was able to successfully extend this supportive care to monthly, and feel I truly have become a better person, able to cope better with my stress and be more happy in my personal and business relationships. I literally could not recommend her services more highly. In fact, I've already referred many friends, clients and family! I've never advocated for something/someone more in all my life! 
Happy to give Sheila a raving 5-star review
- Leah Lynch, Owner of Beautique Salon Newburyport, MA

Fantastic class this morning with Sheila Thomson.  I can't say enough how amazingly helpful and wonderful these skills are to have in your tool box as you go through life. If only everyone would take the time the learn these things. So much more to learn, but so happy I am on my way.  If you're looking to find balance in your life, or need help with any issue at all, or even if you are just fine, isn't there always room for improvement? You need to check out True Essence Healing. Sheila has a real gift. She has been amazing for my health on all levels.  I really can't say enough about how benificial her healing skills, and wealth of knowledge she has shared with me, have been.  Make an appointment, you will not be disappointed!- Liz Beck, Newburyport MA

Big gratitude for my session today.  It was incredibly balancing, and grounding. I LOVE how good it feels to be aligned!  Sheila always helps me feel my best!   - Julie King, Owner of Samarra Painting Company Newburyport, MA

The most Divine way to start my day.  Enjoying "Sacred Space" Sunday with Sheila Thomson.  An hour for inner quiet, stillness and connection.  Light.  Love.  Purpose.  All for me.  Ready to love the world! ~ Bri McCorkell, Newburyport, MA

Polarity Therapy, is the highest form of energy balancing bodywork for me. When I leave Sheila’s therapy sessions, I have more energy, think more clearly, and feel like myself again. I have a positive outlook on life, and feel whole! - Patricia Scangas, R.P.P.

I met Sheila in 1990 during my trainings at the Polarity Realization Institute in Ipswich, MA. She was an assistant teacher, and we bonded immediately. Over the years, she has become the “glue that holds me together”. Her knowledge of Functional Kinesiology (TBM); Polarity Therapy; EFT/Tapping; Ryse, Energy Medicine, and other natural healing modalities used in her practice, have helped me tremendously. I have taken many of her classes, where she is always more than willing to share her vast knowledge. During a session, a group clinic, or class, Sheila listens to that small inner voice to guide her to achieviing your best experience. She is the greatest! - Nancy Karolides, APP, Reiki Master 

So the session was amazing, and that alone would be worth the visit, but the lasting effects I felt, and still feel, are nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend this to improve all aspects of your  life! - Ian Anthony Newburyport, MA

My family has benefited greatly from Sheila's work, as part of our wellness plan for a decade now. My most vivid memory is when my daughter developed whooping cough, which quickly turned into pneumonia. We tried everything her doctor advised, but found she was allergic to the antibiotics they were using. Her health was continuing to deteriorate, and I feared she might be hospitalized. I called Sheila, and drove over an hour to see if  her treatment would improve her breathing. I had never seen my young daughter so distraught. Within minutes of applying the T.B.M. treatment, there was a big change in her breathing and comfort.  Sheila worked on her chest, stomach, and back areas. After the treament, my daughter literally “danced” out to the parking without any problem. Once home, she continued to improve, and I was so grateful! I will never forget that day and cannot thank Sheila enough for all she's done for my family. We always leave feeling healthier overall.  Sheila is a gift to us!
- Michel Gavrilles, Retail Ass’t.