the energies of "2020" require us to be our highest & best!

Enjoy Receiving Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing, and
Quartz Crystal Chakra Balancing, While Bathed in Contemplative Sound Therapy.

SUN 1-12:15 on 3/10 ~ 4/7 ~ 5/5 ~ 6/2 ... $65/Sunday

Limited Space ~ To Reserve Your Spot ~ 
Call/Text Sheila @ 978-424-3813


Raise the efficiency, and fun, of your practice, by adding this effective method for detecting, and correcting, for "brown-outs" in the body's bio-electric systems.  This unique tool, based on the visionary work of Victor Frank, DC, ND, LAc, has helped thousands worldwide since 1976.
Add a simple method to restore function and enhance vitality.

"Introduction To" 5hrs / $195 ... Full Certification Course 16hrs / $595 
Includes Verification for APTAapproved CEU's for Polarity Therapy & Massage Practitioners 

~  Raise Your Vibration with 
Sacred Journey ~
Learn to raise your vibraions with this self-care method of using guided visualization for accessing your energetic blueprint of wholeness. Based on the work of Anodea Judith and Nancy Risley. 
Being guided in using your subtle senses, you will  to reprogram your energy system "software",
to clear, align and strengthen your chakras, aura, and the inner polarities for your highest and best!

Limited Space ~ To Reserve Your Spot ~ Call/Text Sheila @ 978-424-3813