"True Essence Frequency" Medicine

~ Customized Flower Essence Blends ~ $65 (Refill $30)

Integrate Body, Mind, Heart and Being with the subtle power of Flower Essences ~
True Essence Frequency custom essence blends based on your energy patterns,
and desired life enhancement.  Receive consult, evaluation, and original blend
based on researched botanical 
characteristics, color, shape, and hundreds
of applications to arrive at the appropriately designed essence for you!

~ Aura Sprays to Restore & Renew ~ $30
Auras attract energetic debris from work, home and social times. With accumulation, this may leave us feeling Irritable, drained and foggy. 
Feel like yourself again, with a few spritzes of True Essence Frequency Aura Sprays created with Pure Essential Oils, Structured Water & Organc Sea Salt.

~ General Recommendations for a Healthy Home ~
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar ~ George's Aloe Drink ~ Willard Water ~ Sonne's #7 ~ Celtic Sea Salt ~
Dee Cell Labs "Formula 303" ~  Hyland's Homeopathic Singles & Combo's ~ Ancient Organics Ghee ~
Blue Light Therapy ~ Himalayan Salt Lamps ~ Unpolished Stones ~ Sanskrit Chants ~ Copper Yantras

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